Northeast Natural Medicine

Northeast Natural Medicine
Business Name: Northeast Natural Medicine
Full Description:

Northeast Natural Medicine is proud to offer high quality, individually-tailored, evidence-based care for your entire family’s medical concerns, helping people identify the true underlying causes to their health problems beyond just managing symptoms. Patients are treated with consideration and ample time to express their health concerns as new patient visits are an hour and follow-ups are a half hour.

We strive to educate patients so can actively take steps to help themselves, in addition to the doctor’s personalized treatment plan, which often includes a blend of lifestyle medicine, nutritional supplements, botanical medicines, acupuncture and nutrition.

As a complementary and integrative naturopathic clinic, we bring you a comprehensive variety of effective and minimally invasive interventions. As a therapeutic massage center, we also provide a wide array of bodywork treatments from experienced hands to fulfill the specific kind of therapy you require.