Heirloom Happy

Heirloom Happy
Business Name: Heirloom Happy
Full Description:

Imagine a world where people made it a priority to sit down together and eat a meal. Where cooking wasn’t a chore or something to fear, and where kids could run to gardens in the backyard and pick fresh ingredients. Where we eat less from boxes, and more from dirt.

Imagine a world where people turn to each other to learn on in times of hardship, instead of drugs or alcohol. Where people learn to look within and rely on themselves, to not compare themselves to others. Where children spend meaningful time reflecting, instead of sitting in detention. Where children can play again.

At Heirloom Happy, we believe that all of this can come true. By taking a full mind and body approach through healthy eating, cooking, farming, mindfulness, and daily movement, communities can bring this vision into a reality.

In a world where every day things seem to be getting more and more advanced, as a nation we are getting sicker and sicker. At Heirloom Happy, we believe that health and wellness starts with simplicity. We want to remember our roots and go back to the basics. Those of fresh foods, working with our hands, building strong communal bonds, and exercising our bodies and minds.

Through our holistic health literacy programs for children and parents, we can introduce fun, exciting ways to get healthy habits engrained in our day-to-day lives. With this, we can pass our love for healthy eating, mental health, movement, and each other, on and on for generations to come.

A true heirloom.

heirloom: something of special value, handed down from one generation to another