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Epidemic Answers
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CHHF Focus Topic: Total Load: Environmental Factors on Health and Wellness

BETH LAMBERT, Executive Director

Epidemic Answers ~ Educate, Empower, Heal

1 in 2 American children have a chronic illness.  Just a few decades ago, less than 15% of children had a chronic illness.  Today, the majority of our children are chronically ill.  What has changed?

By focusing on causes not consequences of health out of balance, we believe that the “new childhood epidemics” of autism, ADHD/ADD, asthma, allergies and others can be reversed. Epidemic Answers’ mission is to educate and empower parents and caregivers so that they can facilitate their child’s return to wellness.

Now Available: Epidemic Answers Online Course for Health Coaches and Parents: Healing the New Childhood Epidemics.  Are you a Health Coach interested in healing ADHD, autism, asthma, allergies, sensory disorders, and more? Or a parent who is determined for your child to shed his/her diagnosis? Then this online course offered by Epidemic Answers is for you!

The 10-module course brings together expert knowledge from a wide variety of disciplines, and covers topics ranging from personalized nutrition and nutrigenomics to functional laboratory testing, sensory therapies, relationship dynamics and more.  The course is self-paced and online so it can fit into the schedule of busy professionals and parents. Some continuing education credit is available depending on an individual’s professional affiliation.

Epidemic Answers is offering a 30% discount to the Online Program for all followers of Children’s Holistic Health Fair.  Sign up for Exclusive Special Offers on CHHF home page to receive a special discount code for the Online Program.