Promote your business online:

  • Advertise in Children’s Holistic Health Magazine online offering holistic resources for families dealing with health and behavioral challenges. September 2019 edition – purchase by August 19, 2019.
  • Purchase a profile in the Children’s Holistic Health Resource Online Directory.
  • See details below

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Advertisers agree to place an advertisement in the Online Children’s Holistic Health Magazine (CHHM) and/or purchase a profile listing in the Online CHHS Holistic Health Resource Directory, subject to terms and conditions set forth below, and subject to final confirmation by the Organizer. Children’s Holistic Health Magazine supports the mission of Children’s Holistic Health Source, LLC.

  • Application to Advertise with CHHS/CHHF
    • CHHS wishes to support businesses who are in alignment with our mission.
    • Steps to Advertise:
      • Personal Invitations – If you were invited to advertise personally by the Organizer, you do not need to apply. Please RSVP to the Organizer through email that you are interested in advertising.
      • Unsolicited requests – Please apply to advertise by completing a short online form (Go to
      • The Organizer will review and send a response email within 2 business days.
      • The Organizer reserves the right to accept and confirm all advertisers or deny requests.
      • Once approved, you will receive a sign-up email with detailed information and a link to pay securely online.
      • After payment has been processed, you will receive information to submit your Ad and promote CHHS/CHHF.
    • Due Dates
      • Online Children’s Holistic Health Magazine
        • September 2019 edition: Sign-up by August 19, 2019.
        • Print-ready advertisements must be received electronically no later than August 26, 2019 in order to be included.
      • CHHS Holistic Health Resource Online Directory
        • No due date.
        • Profiles will be added shortly after materials received by Advertiser.
        • Fee is good for 1 year. Participants can renew before expiration.
  • Spec Sheet – Specific information to submit your Advertisement along with professional graphic design contact information will be sent to confirmed Advertisers.
  • Confirmation of Submitted Advertisements: The Organizer reserves the right to confirm all advertisements and request content revisions if necessary before publication.

Advertisers – Payment Information

  • See your sign-up email for a link to the online shopping cart to process your request and payment.
  • Make all payments online – Note: no cash or handwritten checks. Payments will be made to “Children’s Holistic Health Source, LLC”.

All payments are non-refundable.  For a successful event, we must have full commitment from all Participants. Because of this, we cannot offer refunds or credits for any reason after payment is completed. Thank you for understanding.

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